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Operation Safeway - motorists hit with record number of fines.

Mark Bowman
Initial results from Operation Safeway - the Met Police's response to the rising number of cycling deaths on London's roads in late 2013, reveal that just over 14,000 fines and fixed penalty notices have been handed out in the period since 25 November 2013. Over 10,000 of these fines have been handed out to motorists for offences such as driving whilst on the mobile phone, or driving without a safety belt. During the same period 1,277 cyclists were fined for riding through red lights. This amounts to just under 30 per day - hardly the 50% of all cyclists that the LTDA claimed acted in such a way.

What is more worrying is that 1,065 motorists were also fined for the same offence.

We all know how emotive the subject of cyclists proceeding through red lights is, and my own view, as a cyclist, is that it is never excusable, but these figures reveal that motorists are just as guilty.

Whilst there is no further breakdown of the types of vehicles that were stopped, my own suspicion is that a large proportion would have been taxis. I wonder if the LTDA would like to comment....