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Old Street roundabout due to become safer?

The London Evening Standard has reported on how there are plans to make Old Street roundabout safer by removing the heart of the roundabout to effectively pedestrianise it, with the junction to be re-designed so that there are fully integrated cycle lanes in place. However criticisms have been voiced of the new proposals as it has become apparent that some turns will have segregated lanes for cyclists, but at other points cyclists get no protection.

Jennifer Buchanan, solicitor with Fieldfisher, says: "Old Street roundabout has become notorious for cycle accidents over the years, so any improvements are to be welcomed, however it seems strange and inconsistent that cyclists get segregated from motor vehicles for certain turns, but not all of them. This is a real chance for the authorities to fix this accident hot spot once and for all, to make it a safe place for all road users. At the moment Old Street roundabout is one of the top three London locations for accidents involving cyclists. After all that has occurred at this junction, I would hope that they give this some more thought to safety first in the redesign".

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