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Case Study

Substantial award for surgical negligence at Pendlebury Children's Hospital, part of Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

Claire Horton achieved substantial settlement on behalf of a child who lives with severe damage to their bladder following negligent surgery.

The child, who is protected by an anonymity order, was referred by their GP at two months old to the hospital for hernia surgery. During the routine operation, the surgeon severely and permanently damaged the child's bladder and ureters. The child became very ill, their recovery hampered by the surgeon's failure to appreciate the damage they had caused. Once the nature of the injury was understood, the Claimant spent considerable periods in hospital and was required to undergo several major surgeries over a number of years. Trauma associated with repeated hospitalisations and bouts of illness, caused substantial psychological injury and delayed the child's natural development.

The Claimant now suffers frequent urinary tract infections and will be required to undertake invasive procedures throughout the day and night for life. The Claimant also has extensive scarring and suffers from severe body image distress as a result of the injuries. There are additional long-term risks of severe bladder, kidney, and fertility problems.

After the family instructed Claire, the Central Manchester University Hospital Trust, responsible for the hospital, admitted liability for the mistakes made during the initial surgery and in the post-operative care. The surgeon involved in the initial surgery was referred to the GMC and sanctioned for their negligent actions.

Claire obtained interim funds, which helped, pay for adapted accommodation for the child and their family, and for the costs associated with therapeutic support and surgical procedures. The final settlement will provide the care and therapy support the child will need for the rest of their life.

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