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Case Study

Sub-contractor's family recover compensation for mesothelioma from George Wimpey & Co Ltd after being turned down by local Kent solicitors

George Hover worked as a self-employed carpentry sub-contractor between about 1962 and 1980. He was a partner in a firm and later a director of a company which provided labour-only carpenters for the construction of new housing developments in the south of England. Much of the work was carried out on sites operated by George Wimpey & Co Limited.

Asbestos materials were used on the sites throughout this period. All work on site was carried out under the overall control and supervision of George Wimpey & Co Ltd, who specified what was required and were responsible for ensuring that the work was performed correctly. 

When Mr Hover was diagnosed with mesothelioma in February 2013 he consulted a local firm of solicitors in Kent who advised that he did not have a case. Following his death in March 2014, his family consulted Caroline Pinfold of Fieldfisher who advised that the claim was difficult, but there were reasonable prospects of success.

The very brief statement that Mr Hover made during his lifetime to the local firm did not give much information about how he had been exposed to asbestos, but Caroline Pinfold was able to obtain more evidence from witnesses who had been employed at the sites. 

Liability was denied but the claim settled on a full liability basis three weeks before the trial was due to take place in the High Court in London. 

Mr Hover's son wrote "on behalf of the family I would like to thank you for all your help in bringing this matter to an acceptable conclusion. It is just a shame that my father is no longer with us in order to benefit from the compensation but I know he would also be pleased with the outcome."

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