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Case Study

Record £1.4million award in mesothelioma case

Rodney Nelson-Jones has obtained one of the highest compensation awards in a mesothelioma case. Josh’s widow sadly lost her husband in June 2008 at the age of just 47 years old to mesothelioma. He was diagnosed with the asbestos related tumour after being exposed as an engineer in the late 1980’s. The claim was made against his former employers.

The award was so high as Josh was due to start a new business venture shortly before his diagnosis, a venture which had high prospects of being very successful. We therefore enlisted the aid of a leading forensic accountant to carry out a complex calculation of the loss of profit from the new business over the next 20 years. After disputing the claim his former employers settled for £1.4million compensation, an award later approved by the Senior Master of the High Court in March 2009.

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