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Case Study

Pedestrian hit by a bus whilst walking down the pavement after dropping her son at school

Gabriela Mitschke, a polish national, was struck by a Reading Transport bus after having dropped her son off at the school. Upon impact she was knocked unconscious and suffered a number of facial and orthopaedic injuries which she continues to suffer from today.

Gabriela was walking down the pavement and had just turned to check the traffic when the accident occurred on 15 October 2009.  We successfully recovered compensation, after a very hard fight on liability from the insurers who indemnified the defendant bus company.

Gabriela went on to say:

"We would like to thank FieldFisher for their outstanding work which brought us to a positive resolution of Gabriela's accident claim. Not everyone was keen to deal with the claim but Fieldfisher took it on and they did it really well.

While we are aware that such a success is a result of several people's work of whom we had a pleasure to personally meet just a few, we are most grateful to Gabriela's solicitor Ms Jennifer Buchanan who proved to be not only an excellent, always extremely efficient law professional but also a very sensitive, patient and understanding person. At all times when dealing with Fieldfisher and any experts who were helping in the course of the claim we felt that we were really listened to, understood and never left alone with any of our problems. As foreigners we could also count on extra support whenever it was needed.

We would definitely recommend Fieldfisher to everyone without any doubt."