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Case Study

Man exposed to Asbestos recovers substantial damages

BC was exposed to asbestos when employed by Kitsons Insulation Company Limited in the 1960s. He mixed up powdered asbestos insulation material with water to form a paste and used this to cover boilers.

He also cut sheets of asbestos to cover boilers. In the same period he also worked at Parkeston Quay in the scaling gang on ships that were owned by British Rail. He worked in the engine rooms of the ships where he had to remove old asbestos lagging, and again mix up powdered asbestos lagging. He also made mats stuffed with asbestos  for use on the ships.

All of this work exposed BC to large amounts of asbestos dust and he was diagnosed as having mesothelioma as a result of these exposures in June 2013.

Caroline Pinfold successfully pursued BC's claim for compensation for mesothelioma against these employers and this was dealt with during his lifetime and BC was compensated by recovering substantial damages.

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