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Case Study

Former lagger dies from asbestos cancer before retirement

Tony Price started working as a laggers' mate when he was 16 and was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis when mixing up the asbestos insulation powder with water to form the lagging paste.

He continued to be exposed to asbestos after he began working at a lagger himself until the mid-1970s. He worked for a number of lagging companies including Aerostill Insulation Co. Ltd, Thermac insulations Ltd, Kitsons Insulations Ltd, Apex Insulations Ltd and Versil Ltd. As a result of his work he developed mesothelioma from which he died at the age of 63.  He had been doing other work for the past 12 years. He enjoyed his work and had planned to continue working until at least the age of 70.

He began suffering from chest pains and had difficulty with his breathing in February 2013.  His condition deteriorated despite chemotherapy. He was in constant pain until he passed away in December 2013.  He required considerable care because he suffered from extreme night sweats, was very weak because he had no appetite, found it difficult to sleep and was depressed because of the effects of the condition.

Nurses from the local hospice attended to him at home.  The care costs of the hospice were recovered as part of the claim.

Caroline Pinfold conducted the claim on behalf of Tony Price during his lifetime and obtained an interim payment for him.  He and his wife were able to go on a cruise before his condition deteriorated significantly.  It was not possible to settle the claim during his lifetime and the claim was carried on by his widow, who had given up work to look after Tony during the final stages of his mesothelioma.

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