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Case Study

Orthopaedic negligence at Royal London Hospital leads to permanent shoulder pain

Edwina Rawson, Medical Negligence Partner at Fieldfisher, acted for Stephen in connection with a serious shoulder injury as a result of negligence during surgery at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel. Stephen was the unfortunate victim of a random attack whilst on holiday in Sicily.

Stephen was hit on the shoulder with what was believed to be a metal pole. He suffered a severe fracture and was advised to return home immediately for treatment. He attended the A&E department at the Royal London Hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Following surgery Stephen continued to have considerable problems with shoulder. He could not lift up his elbow or rotate his shoulder. Upon further investigation it transpired that there had been displacement of the greater tuberosity which was blocking the shoulder rotation. He underwent corrective surgery, and subsequently a total shoulder replacement.

Unfortunately this did not resolve all of his problems, and he continued to have pain and limited mobility which impacted upon his daily life. In February 2012 Edwina managed to successfully negotiate a settlement of £500,000, which included compensation for his future loss of earning and care and assistance.

After the case Stephen said; 'A massive thank you for getting me the settlement. You stuck in there and kept the case alive, plus you made me feel very special'.

'This settlement is a life-changer. I had no hope and was feeling really down. Now my family and I have a very bright future. I will re-start my life now, thank to you and your company'.

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