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Case Study

Compensation won for lagger suffering from asbestosis

Francis Scott was employed as a lagger by London Covering Company Limited between about 1962 and about 1980. He was exposed to substantial amounts of asbestos. 

As a result he developed a cough in October 2006 and sought medical advice. Initially he was reassured that his condition seemed stable but he felt that in truth his cough and shortness of breath were getting worse. He had a CT scan as a result of which he was told he was suffering “asbestosis”. Mr Scott become anxious about the implications and found that his ability to undertake physical activity was reduced.

His treating consultant advised him that he may be able to make a claim for compensation and in April 2007 he instructed Andrew Morgan. Andrew entered into negotiations with the employer’s insurers and provided them with the medical report and calculation of losses and expenses. The Defendants offered £45,000 compensation which Mr Scott was happy to accept, on Andrew’s advice. The case was funded using a “Conditional Fee Agreement” and was concluded within one year.

Mr Scott said: “The claim went much better than I thought it would – I am very pleased at the way you carried it out.”

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