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Case Study

Caroline Pinfold wins case for electrician in Multi Defendant action

Brian Morrow began work as an apprentice electrician at the age of 16 in 1956. He was exposed to asbestos during the course of this work by several employers in a variety of ways.

He often worked alongside laggers who were applying asbestos insulation to pipes where he was running cables. Mr Morrow also worked in boiler houses where asbestos was stripped down during annual maintenance checks and when carrying out other electrical installation work as a result of which asbestos lagging on pipes was unavoidably disturbed. His work as an electrician frequently required him to drill into walls where there was asbestos in order to carry out electrical wiring and to run cables along ducts where there was asbestos lagging in a poor state of repair.

His exposure to asbestos continued into the 1990s and none of the employers provided him with any equipment to protect him from asbestos dust and fibres. Furthermore they gave him no information or warnings about the possible risk to his health from asbestos exposure.

Mr Morrow developed a cough at the end of February 2012; when this did not clear after a course of antibiotics he was referred by his GP to the local hospital where further investigations led to a diagnosis of mesothelioma in May 2012.

The diagnosis was devastating for Mr Morrow and his family. He instructed Caroline Pinfold to pursue a claim for compensation against the relevant employers. After ensuring that Mr Morrow received all of the state benefits to which he is entitled for this condition, Caroline pursued the claim which settled in March 2013. The money will enable Mr Morrow to provide financial security for his wife and to pay for further care and equipment which he may require as a result of the mesothelioma in the future.

After the case was settled, Mr Morrow said:
"Caroline handled the case in a caring manner. I have no complaints whatsoever, she was superb!"

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