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Case Study

£200,000 for ongoing injuries after negligent hip replacement surgery

Tanya suffered from a degenerative left hip following the development of avascular necrosis. In January 2000, she underwent a total left hip replacement.

The prosthesis was not correctly inserted by the surgeon. It was contended that this must have been evident at the time of the operation and in the immediate post operative x-rays.

In the event, as a result of the poor surgical technique, Tanya suffered a dislocation of the left hip. Further revision surgery was necessary in April 2000.

During this surgery the surgeon caused significant damage to her gluteal nerves, which control the abductor muscles in the legs.

Despite attempts to reconstruct the abductor mechanism, Tanya has been left with a loss of power in her abductor muscles in her left leg. As a result she walks with a limp and has significant hip, back and neck pain.

Tanya instructed Paul McNeil to investigate a surgical negligence claim against the hospital.

We issued proceedings against the trust which eventually settled the claim a few weeks before trial for £200,000.

The case was conducted with the assistance of legal aid and Tanya did not have to pay any legal costs.

After the case Tanya said:

“I would like to thank Paul McNeil on behalf of myself and my family. When the medical profession ignored me and made me feel like a second class citizen, without any regard for the damage that they had done to me, it was your company that believed in me and fought my case.

"Winning this case means so much to me. Although the settlement will help, it is the fact that the consultant that did this to me now has to answer for his negligence.

"Being a working class woman, this consultant thought he could ignore me and silence me with his power and the medical professions behind him. With your guidance I was able to challenge him.

"I would like to give you my heartfelt thanks for your support and appreciate all what you have done for me.”