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£220,000 recovered for 11 year old involved in a Road Traffic Accident

In November 2003, Kate was involved in a serious road traffic accident. At the time she was 11 years old. Her family had traveled to the UK from France to attend a family reunion. The car Kate was travelling in was hit on the passenger side at high speed, causing it to roll over and come to a halt. Kate was a rear seat passenger and having fallen asleep on the journey home she had no recollection of the collision.

Kate initially instructed solicitors through her mother's legal expenses insurance policy. Over the course of the following 10 years she did not feel her case was progressing or that she was receiving suitable interim payments. Kate approached Mark Bowman, and Mark traveled to Paris to meet Kate in August 2014 to take over conduct of her claim.

Following her road traffic accident in November 2003 Kate remained in hospital for two weeks following and was diagnosed with a fracture of the right femur. When Kate was discharged she was confined to a wheelchair and had to sleep downstairs at a friend's home, as she still required treatment in the UK and her family had returned to France. Kate made frequent trips to hospital for further orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation.

Kate returned home to France in May 2004 but further complications arose with Kate's injuries. Kate's mother became increasingly concerned with Kate's slow recovery and was unhappy with the medical care she was receiving in France. Kate's symptoms were progressively worsening and although she was receiving regular treatment in the form on physiotherapy and swimming regularly as advised, her pain was not alleviated The medical professionals responsible for Kate's orthopaedic treatment were not able to provide Kate with any plausible explanation for her slow recovery.  

As a result, in 2007, Kate returned to the UK to seek expert medical treatment. Some four years after the accident and following her return to the UK, medical professionals told Kate she required further surgery in the form of a re-alignment operation to her right leg, following which she required an external fixator for several months. Following surgery, her condition significantly improved, though to this day she is left with slightly reduced function, scarring, slight deformity and on-going pain.

Along with her orthopaedic injuries, Kate suffered psychiatric injury as a result of the accident, namely an Adjustment Disorder which remains today. As a result of her injuries Kate's education was delayed by two years, meaning a delay in her ability to earn a living.

Whilst liability was not disputed by the Defendant, there were significant differences in the valuation placed on the case by both parties. In February 2015, just four weeks prior to trial, Kate's case was settled for £220,000. Kate now hopes to return to University and complete her studies.

Kate quoted

"Mark, Rebecca and my barrister Peter were a great team. I always felt like they cared even when things weren't simple, I never felt like I was just a case, and that care and connection is what got me through this difficult time. I really appreciate everything they did for me, they went above and beyond, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a team that is dedicated and caring because if there is something I have learnt, it is that alongside having medical problems, litigation is a cold clinical path and sometimes a little care goes the extra mile to the finish line."

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