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Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

One of the most important things that your solicitor will need to deal with for you is to deal with the issue of rehabilitation. It is not good enough simply to seek to recover a large sum of money at the end of your spinal injury claim. Your lawyer needs to ensure that proper medical care and support is in place during the course of the litigation and will continue following it.

Very often the situation regarding liability may be uncertain but this does not stop us approaching the defendants to seek an agreement to enter into the Rehabilitation Code. This is a means by which the defendants can pay for rehabilitation following a report from a Case Manager qualified in assessing someone's needs.

The various types of rehabilitation may include:

  • In-patient specialist rehabilitation of an intensive nature. Often after the initial emergency treatment people can find that they are being either sent home rather too quickly or being placed on a ward that is inappropriate for their injuries. Providing we are able to get some clarity over liability we are usually able to organise for the insurer to pay for a stay in a specialist rehabilitation unit if that is deemed the best place at that time.
  • Many people simply want to return home as soon as they can following a spinal injury. This can sometimes follow a fairly lengthy stay in a rehabilitation unit and therefore the world for this person upon their return home is going to be a very different place indeed. There will be significant changes for the family also. It is important during these times that a full care regime is put in place to include a Case Manager, carers and any other medical professionals to assist that person to live their life as independently as possible.  The Case Manager will assess the need working with you the victim of the injury and your family.
  • A spinal injury can be a life long injury and whilst individuals will learn ways in which to overcome their difficulties, there may always be difficulties that they face and which they may be less able to deal with. It is important that you have proper rehabilitation care not just for now but going into the long term future and that any settlement reflects this ongoing long term need.

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