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Case Study

Royal London helps triathlete recover from catastrophic road collision

In April 2017, 45-year-old David Bowry was cycling home around the Redbridge roundabout in East London, having successfully completed the London Phoenix Easter Monday Annual Cycling Event. David was an avid cyclist and regularly competed in triathlons, including full and half Ironman events.

Positioned in the correct lane, David was hit from behind by a car driver who swerved into his lane, knocking him off his bike and crushing his torso. She was later convicted of driving without due care and attention.

David was rushed by ambulance to the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel where he was diagnosed with life-changing spinal injury with extensive rib fractures that impacted his lungs. He spent eight days in the High Dependency Unit and then moved to the trauma ward for four more days.

When David was discharged home, he relied heavily on his partner to care for him. He could barely get out of bed and needed help with even simple activities such as eating and dressing. He was also in constant and extreme pain.

Beyond his physical injuries, David was very anxious about losing his job as a Digital Project Manager in the advertising industry and how he was going to be able to support his family. After a month virtually bed-ridden, he attempted to go back to work, but the pain and exhaustion of his injuries eventually forced him to give up his job a few months later, not least because he was unable to sit at a desk for any length of time.

He instructed Jennifer Buchanan whilst still in hospital who was able to quickly secure interim payments from the defendant's insurer to get him set up at home and for his rehabilitation programme and later to cover his loss of earnings while she prepared full quantum evidence of David's injuries and long-term care needs. David continues to work with a rehabilitation team focusing on rebuilding strength, mobilising his spine and maintaining a level of activity within his constant pain.

His rehabilitation includes strength and conditioning, yoga, psychological treatment including CBT therapy to help him re-evaluate his professional and family life, rebuild his life and to remain positive.  David now intends to retrain as a freelance life coach to be able to manage his working hours and environment and is determined to continue with his physical recovery as far as possible.

Following settlement, David has said he is very keen to work with the Royal London rehabilitation programme in some capacity to thank them for 'their tireless work'.

He also thanked Jenny for everything she helped him achieve:

"I got glimpses of how hard you’ve worked on my case and am so grateful to have had such a great solicitor and partner through this horrible chapter. I never felt like I was working with a solicitor during the last 2.5 years. You were one of my early allies, someone who cared and really made difference during that time," David said.

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