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Significant damages recovered for a cyclist injured in a head on collision

We recovered compensation for a cyclist who was injured when he was knocked from his bike by a motorist in North London.

Darren was cycling to a home he had purchased in order to decorate it before moving in. He was cycling along a road he knew extremely well, taking the same route on a daily basis. As he was cycling along Monument Way with an intention of proceeding down Ferry Lane he heard skid marks behind him, and without warning he was hit from behind, flipped in the air, and landed on top of a car bonnet, with his back striking the top of the car. He passed out and his next recollection was lying in the middle of the road. An ambulance was called and Darren was taken to North Middlesex Hospital where he was told he had suffered a fracture to his lumbar spine.

Darren had to wear a back brace for a number of months. Despite his severe injuries, as Darren was self-employed as a educational consultant and trainer, he was able to work from home, so his business did not suffer as a result and he suffered no loss of earnings. He however remained in considerable pain for a number of months and required extensive physiotherapy for over a year before he was able to return to cycling.       

Mark Bowman represented Darren in his cycling accident claim and met with him at home shortly after his accident. Mark was able to obtain the police file within a matter of weeks and this revealed a number of witnesses to the case, all of whom confirmed that Darren had been cycling in an entirely appropriate manner, and that the care behind him had simply not seen him on the road. Whilst liability was never formally admitted, an offer of settlement was made which represented the full valuation of the claim, and included compensation for Darren's custom made bicycle, his pain and suffering and medical expenses.

At the end of the case Darren said:

“Mark was recommended to me as an expert in the field. His explanation of the legal process was very clear and helpful.

"I am extremely grateful for his professionalism, regular updates and sound advice throughout the case.

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