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Settlement for barrister injured whilst cycling home

Jennifer Buchanan has settled a complicated claim on behalf of a young woman barrister who was seriously injured while cycling home from Chambers through London in October 2019.

Faye was a regular cyclist cycling her regular route home when she was hit by a car as she crossed traffic lights whilst travelling down the Embankment. Amongst other injuries she was left with fractures to her spine, ankle, ribs and pelvis. She also suffered a head injury.

She was taken by ambulance to the Royal London Hospital, where she was operated on immediately to stabilise her pelvic injuries, her left clavicle and fractures to her left tibia and fibula, along with abdominal surgery to create a loop colostomy because of trauma to her bowel and bladder. She spent time in the ICU, before undergoing more surgery including a skin graft to her leg, before being released home in a wheelchair.

Once instructed, Jennifer immediately set about investigating the accident circumstances and securing CCTV and witness evidence. She also enlisted the help of an orthopaedic expert to report on Faye's ongoing care needs and future prognosis but also to assist formulating a rehabilitation plan. A private in patient stay was organised and this was hugely successful. Faye needed help at home initially with everyday activities such as washing and dressing, a case manager organised carers, aids and equipment and other support to ensure this initial recovery phase was made as easy as possible. Her partner also took time off from work to care for her.

Her rehabilitation support and therapies will continue for some time into the future.

Faye's case was complex in terms of the multitude of injuries but also the position adopted by defendant's insurer, who refused to accept full liability for the collision.

Faye was such a positive, stoic character and her impressive recovery was down to her sheer determination and grit to rehabilitate and move on from this terrible accident.

"Jenny came highly recommended by several different people and was able to secure an excellent settlement at a key point in the case. Jenny was incredibly supportive throughout the whole process and knowing that the legal case was in good hands allowed me to focus on my recovery,"

* Faye – name changed for anonymity

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