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I am a Serious Injury lawyer and Partner in the Manchester office.

I have more than 15 years’ experience acting for the victims of road traffic collisions, accidents at work, cycling accidents, injuries caused during ‘adventure’ sports, and in a range of other public and private settings. I am known for taking on complex and difficult cases and fighting hard for my clients’ best interests.

Most of my experience involves representing people with the severest injuries such as clients with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations. I act for both injured adults and children.

My clients often require a package of multi-disciplinary rehabilitation. From ‘Day 1’ my objective is to understand the needs and objectives of my client and their family, and then to take the action required to maximise their recovery from injury and to prepare for the future.

I am also known for my work in fatal accident claims, where I represent the interests of bereaved families at Inquest and during any subsequent civil claims. I have particular expertise in acting on behalf of bereaved families following large-scale industrial incidents, such as following the Didcot power station collapse.

I am a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

Notable cases

MS v Lancashire County Council: My client suffered life changing injuries when his van collided head-on with an HGV after skidding on an icy road. The case was framed as a breach of s.41 (1A) Highways Act 1980. Seven figure settlement achieved.

JL (a Protected party) v JG: My client suffered a significant brain injury after being run over by a car travelling at high speed. His needs were complex. A full-scale rehabilitation package was developed and funding achieved for the remainder of my client’s life. Seven figure lump sum settlement achieved.

FK (a Child) v SH: My client was 4 years old when knocked over by a car and left with a catastrophic brain injury. Her cognitive deficits and behavioural problems left her in need of a significant care. Seven figure lump sum settlement achieved.

Didcot Power Station collapse: I acted on behalf of three bereaved families in civil claims arising from this large-scale industrial accident. The matters are yet to reach Inquest.

AA (a Protected Party) v SC: My client suffered a catastrophic head injury following a road traffic accident. The case was legally and factually complex. An eight figure settlement was achieved.

McCarrick v Park Resorts & Anr: A young man left tetraplegic after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool at a UK resort. The leading (adverse) authorities were distinguished and judgment, at trial, was entered for the Claimant. Seven figure settlement achieved.

Morton & 5 Others v Ministry of Justice: My 6 clients were Prison Officers, each of whom suffered injury during the course of the attempted escape of 2 inmates during a funeral escort. The most factually complex case I have handled to date. Success following a 7 day High Court Trial.

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