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Case Study

Several million for cyclist left with brain and spinal injuries in road accident

Our client was cycling home from work in central London when a driver turned right across him without seeing him.

He crashed into the side of the car and suffered life-threatening injuries to his head, face and spine. He was intubated at the scene and taken to hospital by ambulance, where he was admitted into intensive care in an induced coma. He had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.

On that first day, surgeons repaired some of the worst injuries, including reattaching his nose, which was hanging by a thread. Two days later, they tackled his spine and facial injuries. After four months in hospital, our client was released home to continue his rehab.

The driver, who admitted negligently causing the accident, was fined and banned from driving. Jill Greenfield worked with the driver’s insurers to put in place private rehabilitative care above and beyond that provided by the NHS, including 3-4 appointments every week for occupational therapy, neuropsychology, speech and language and physio.

This was not easy. Proceedings had to be issued within weeks of instruction to force the insurer to provide funds.

Jill worked with Niamh O’Reilly and together they settled the case on behalf of the client for several million pounds.

Following months of hard work, our client got to the stage of managing a gentle jog, although the trauma of the accident meant road cycling was a long way off. He continues to suffer the effects of the brain injury.

As part of the settlement, Jill and Niamh instructed specialist medical practitioners to assess our client’s ongoing needs to get his life as far as possible back to how it was.

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