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I am a solicitor who acts solely for those that have suffered serious injuries in accidents, through no fault of their own. My first objective is always to secure funding in order to put in place a comprehensive rehabilitation package, with the aim of getting my clients everything they may need in order to maximise their recovery, in so far as that may be possible. I have acted for people involved in accidents at work, on the roads or in public places. I also have experience in handling fatal claims. I am an experienced litigator and my objective is always to obtain the highest level of compensation for my clients so that they are not left in any financial strain arising from their accident. I have handled cases through to trial and have experience in settlements at joint settlement meetings.

Notable cases

  • Representing a mother following the death of her 2 year old son as a result of a road traffic accident. Liability was heavily contested. The matter settled without the need for trial.
  • Acting for a professional dancer who had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and a spinal injury after being struck by a falling object. Liability was admitted but my main task in this case was proving her losses. I achieved a successful settlement, resulting in a significant award.
  • Acting for a lady who had broken her foot and leg after a road traffic accident. Again, liability was contested and I was able to settle this matter after obtaining the appropriate evidence to support her claim.

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