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Types of Brain Injury Claims

Brain Injury from Medical Negligence

Medical professionals owe what is known as a "duty of care" and if they fall below an acceptable standard of care, and injury results, you may have a legal right to seek compensation.

Child Brain Injury

Advising a family after a child has suffered a head or brain injury is an extremely specialised field. We have the knowledge and understanding to give reassurances your family needs.

Criminal Injury Claims

It takes a solicitor with special skills and expertise to guide you through the criminal injury scheme after a serious head injury - expertise which we have, based on many years of dealing with head and brain injuries.

Head Injury - Professional Negligence

What happens if you have suffered a serious injury and you feel that your solicitor has let you down or has acted in a way that harms your chances of recovering fair compensation from a legal claim?

Head Injury Abroad

After a serious head or brain injury abroad, you may benefit from specialist legal advice to explore your rights and whether you can seek compensation.

Head Injury in a Public Place

Although you may not be fully aware of any right to seek compensation, it is important to seek specialist advice from experienced solicitors, particularly in the case of a serious injury

Head Injury at Work

Our lawyers combine a detailed understanding of the effect of head and brain injuries with leading expertise in the field of health and safety law and workplace injuries.

Head or Brain Injury from a Road Traffic Accident

We have many years of experience working with victims of road traffic accidents who have suffered severe head injury.

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