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Case Study

Ongoing support for Deliveroo driver seriously injured on the roads

Eman Hassan secured funds to fund essential rehabilitation for a young Deliveroo driver involved in a road accident in May 2021.

Our client was hit head on by a driver who crossed over onto the wrong side of the road. The claimant suffered a serious traumatic brain injury and traumatic stroke which has resulted in left-sided weakness. In addition, he suffered complex musculoskeletal injuries to his shoulder, spine and femur that required surgical treatment.

He spent a period in the ICU and more than a month in hospital. He was discharged home to be cared for by his brother and his wife.

Eman was instructed to make a claim. Initially the insurers disputed liability and failed to provide the man with any support for his rehabilitation and or financial concerns. Eman obtained independent witness and reconstruction evidence that assisted with our liability investigations.

She then reached agreement with the Defendant Solicitor to fund inpatient rehabilitation stay with STEPS to help the Claimant to return to his life before the accident. A case manager was appointed and whilst the client was in inpatient rehab, a full rehabilitation package was pulled together ready for when he came home, including, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, physiotherapy, OT and ongoing support for rehabilitation assistants. Funds were secured to source alternative suitable accommodation for him as his pre-accident home was entirely unsuitable.

Support has also been put in place from the Court of Protection team at Fieldfisher (Robin Tubbs and Krepa Chawhan)

In addition to the rehabilitation package, interim funds have been secured to support him with his financial anxieties in excess of £100K to date.

The case continues towards full settlement.

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