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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Care and Support

Of vital importance in any brain injury claim is to ensure that the right rehabilitation, care and support is in place long-term to help the injured person regain as much quality of life as possible.

Even where liability is uncertain, we can still approach the defendant to seek agreement to enter into the Rehabilitation Code. This allows the defendant to fund rehabilitation following a report from a case manager qualified in assessing someone's needs.

Rehabilitation may include: 

Intensive in-patient neuro rehabilitation 

Following initial emergency treatment, people can be placed on a ward inappropriate to their injuries or be sent home to early. Once we have clarity over liability in your brain injury claims, we can usually ask the insurer to fund a stay in an appropriate neurological rehabilitation unit 

Returning home

Particularly following a long stay in a neuro rehabilitation unit, returning home can be difficult for the person injured and for family members facing significant changes. 

A full regime needs to be in place, including a case manager to assess the needs of the whole family, carers and any other medical professionals to assist. Most people find ways to adapt to their changed circumstances, but any brain injury should include long-term future needs and potential difficulties. 

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