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I have specialised in Technology Law since 1992 and for more than 30 years have advised public, private, national, and international bodies in the different areas of my speciality, with particular expertise in intellectual property, technology contracting and data protection. The most notable sectors for which I provide advising are technology, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, non-governmental organisations, private non-profit-making foundations, insurance companies, retail businesses and public administrations.
I have participated in several legislative initiatives in Spain regarding intellectual property and data protection, taking part in the processes of preparing the Legal Protection of Software Act (1993), the Penal Code (computer crimes, 1995), in the draft bills to incorporate “Copyright” and “Enforcement” Directives (2002–2006), and in the drafts of the Organic Law on Data Protection [Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos, LOPD] (1998 and 1999), the Information Society Services Act (2000–2002) and the developing regulations of the LOPD (2005–2007). Furthermore, I am the author of the Qualified Law on Personal Data Protection in the Principality of Andorra (2003–2004), and I am collaborating with the government of said country to draft its Electronic Signature Act.
On the other hand, since 1992, I have been a legal adviser and attorney responsible for legal affairs and actions in Spain for BSA | The Software Alliance. This has allowed me to gain extensive procedural and extra-procedural experience pursuing software-related intellectual property infringements, participating in lobbying activities with the Spanish government on a national, regional, and local level, in defending the intellectual property rights of companies in the business software sector, and participating in legislative initiatives in the field of software intellectual property.
On this matter, I have also given training courses to the Spanish Civil Guard and the Spanish National Police Force on software-related intellectual property, computer piracy and computer piracy prosecution techniques. I also managed the advisory service for one of the first banks in Spain to draft binding corporate rules for its multinational group structure in the field of international data transfers.
I have spoken at more than 200 conferences at universities, law associations, business associations and other forums on Information Technology. I am an associate professor in master’s degrees, post-graduate courses and specialisations in my field of practice, particularly for ESADE business schools (2004 to present), ISDE (2015 to present), as well as the Bar Association (2014 to present), the University of Barcelona – IL3 (2013–2016) and the Magister Lucentinus at the University of Alicante (1994–1996 and 2017 to present).
My goal has always been to ensure that laws and regulations never be obstacles for my clients, but rather practical and effective tools for achieving their objectives, while also ensuring that they properly fulfil their obligations.

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