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Case Study

A defunct company is not a bar to compensation

Bridget Collier recently settled a claim where the client was exposed to asbestos while working at a timber merchant in Bolton that had long ceased trading.

Andrew Hamer & Son Ltd employed Alan Ashworth as an apprentice to cut wood and asbestolux sheets (low density asbestos fibre board) for commercial and public sale.

Alan described using the large circular saw and creating plumes of dust that filled the workshop and covered everyone.

He also remembered feeding the scarp debris of wood and asbestolux into the fire of the boiler. He was never warned that the dust from cutting and carrying the asbestos could cause him to develop mesothelioma some 60 years later.

Alan was advised to seek legal advice and contacted Bridget, who visited him at home. That his employment with Andrew Hamer & Son ceased when the company closed down was not a bar to him seeking compensation. Fieldfisher was able to trace the insurers of his previous employer and a claim was put to them.

Bridget said: "The link between the disease and his first job at the wood yard was clear. Because of Fieldfisher's expertise in these types of claims, I was able to trace and claim against the now defunct company's insurers. Sadly, Alan was not able to benefit from his compensation, but I am pleased to have provided some peace of mind and accountability to his widow."

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