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Successful claim against 4 defendants includes welcome sum for hospice

Bridget Collier recently obtained a six figure settlement on behalf of Philip Lewis who developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure working with asbestos lagged pipework for four different employers.

Philip was just 80 years-old and enjoyed socialising with old friends in Chester when he found out he had the terminal cancer. Living independently, his sister and brothers have come to his aid.

The claim was complicated because he had many different employers during his career, some changing name and merging with others, so we discussed each job with him and decided to claim against four of them. He had dealt with many types of lagged pipework for C Seward & Co, EA Kempton, Howe Group Limited and Degremont Laing Limited.

Even though not all the companies were still trading, a claim was possible because the insurers of each company could be traced. Initial letters of claim were sent, but the insurers were slow to respond. Bridget therefore issued the claim in the High Court and secured judgement for Phillip quickly by using a special procedure for mesothelioma claims. The claim has since settled prior to any trial.

The agreed compensation included a contribution of nearly £14,000 to the hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester. This equates to the non-NHS charges of the treatment Philip has already received. The sum of nearly £14,000 is significant where the hospice receives only 21% funding from the NHS. The amount donated is enough to cover the costs of running the ward for one day.

The case ensures that Phillip has access to the care he needs to remain in the home he has lived in for years. It is also significant for the accountability of those employers who all exposed him to asbestos.

Reflecting on the case, Bridget said: "Pursuing a claim against four defendants is like juggling, with each defendant representative moving at a different speed, meaning you have to balance that with what is in the best interest for your client. It is rewarding to both provide compensation to allow for Philip to have access to the care he wishes and to provide a contribution to the hospice who have looked after him so well already."

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