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Case Study

Settlement for Port Line cadet exposed to asbestos aboard ships

Andrew Morgan recently settled a claim on behalf of his client, Robin*, who was exposed to asbestos during his employment as an Engineer cadet at Port Line.

Born in 1940, Robin had a positive attitude towards life and was a busy individual with a love for reading and traveling.

In 2022, Robin's health took a downturn as he began experiencing shortness of breath. He then underwent surgery to drain fluid from his lungs. In October 2022, Robin was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Robin was exposed to significant quantities of asbestos dust and caused to inhale asbestos fibres while working alongside pipefitters repairing and fitting out ships, including working on the lagging. He used to remove and replace asbestos blankets from boilers, generators, cylinders, and pipes. Unaware of the hazards associated with asbestos, Robin received no warnings or protective equipment from his employer.

Once instructed, Andrew Morgan initiated legal proceedings for an asbestos disease claim against Port Line on behalf of Robin. He conducted extensive research to determine the appropriate company to sue, considering the complex corporate history and found out the Port Line was resolved.

Another shipping company was ready to take responsibility for any potential judgment and made an offer. Finally, Andrew accepted the offer after careful consideration.

Despite Robin's ongoing struggle with breathlessness and the need for help with household tasks, Robin is confident the compensation will provide him with the necessary support and care moving forward.

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