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Successful claim against Everard's Brewery avoids limitation and settles for widow

Bridget Collier settled a mesothelioma claim on behalf of the widow of a painter and decorator who was exposed to asbestos while an employee of Everard's Brewery in the 1960s and 1970s.

Robert Marvin was never warned about the dangers of the asbestos dust that he was exposed to while performing maintenance jobs for the Brewery, yet he sadly died from mesothelioma in June 2018, just two months after diagnosis that he had a cancer caused by asbestos dust. 

His widow, Jennifer, did not know that a claim for compensation was possible until she met Bridget Collier, two months prior to the three-year legal limitation for a court case to be started.

Evidence about Robert's exposure to asbestos was limited to what Jennifer knew from discussions after his diagnosis and this time was short because the disease had been aggressive. Fortunately, Jennifer remembered many of the pubs where Robert had worked and that his jobs entailed cleaning lagged pipes with a wire brush and mixing and applying Artex containing asbestos.

Robert and Jennifer years previously had built their own home with a smallholding. Over many years, they had enjoyed working together and tending to it. Without Robert's contribution, keeping the home going became extremely difficult and parts were badly needing attention. The compensation was important to ensure that Jennifer could continue living in the home they loved so much.

Bridget was able to avoid the limitation issue and issued proceedings within the specialist asbestos list in London. She then secured Judgment at the show cause hearing which enabled the case to go on to settle.

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