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Mesothelioma damages agreed for cutting asbestos 'Stippolyte' sheets in '60s

Peter Williams recently settled a claim on behalf of his client Michael Colman who was exposed to asbestos while employed by Hussmann Manufacturing Ltd during the 1960s.

Mr Colman was employed as a joiner and fitter and remembers working with Stippolyte asbestos sheets inside a workshop, known as Turner Asbestos Refrigerator Linings. The sheeting was used to line refrigerated cold stores to maintain the temperature.  He was required to saw the sheeting to cut them to size, releasing clouds of asbestos dust into the air. He was never given a mask to wear.

Mr Colman describes the irony of the advert for the product (above) that by solving an industrial problem, Turners created a far larger and wider reaching problem effecting the health and well-being of people and their families for generations to come.

Mr Colman particularly remembers a job at the Kennedy Hotel in London where he worked alongside other men spraying ceiling pipes with a 'flock' like asbestos coating, exposing him to huge quantities of dust and asbestos fibres. He was not given any protective equipment or clothing nor any information or training about the dangers of asbestos. There was no cordoning off from the men doing the spraying who wore overalls and masks. The dusty simply hung in the air like 'mist'. 

Mr Colman, who is 76, is married with two sons who both have families of their own. He and his wife Elizabeth have been married for more than 50 years. He helps care for his wife who has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Before his diagnosis of mesothelioma in 2021, Mr Colman was fit and healthy. He has since undergone draining of fluid from his lungs and talc pleurodesis.

Once instructed, Peter investigated Mr Colman's claim and the case was listed for trial for June this year. It settled for full value close to trial with an Order that he can ask for further funds should he need private immunotherapy treatment.

Following settlement, Mr Colman said:

“After consulting a few websites, my wife and I arranged a meeting with Peter Williams of Fieldfisher and A.N.Other. Having only dealt with Lawyers for property conveyancing, we had little experience of other legal matters.

"We spent a weekend weighing up the options and based on our years in business we appointed Peter on gut instinct that he was a good guy who would do his best for us.  Peter did not let us down. Throughout the process we felt he was on our side and he achieved settlement in line with our expectations.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to other individuals newly diagnosed with Mesothelioma.”

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