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Corporate and directors' liability & ESG disputes

Although it is commonly accepted that companies are supposed to pursue a profit motive, there is a growing expectation that companies set up for profit should take into account environmental and social aspects.

Besides that, recent legal and doctrinal developments make it possible to create a company that also pursues social or environmental interests. Henceforth, we can imagine that proceedings could be initiated by companies against other companies in the area of social and environmental matters. Such disputes can arise in various forms, including as a claim for directors' liability, shareholders disputes, proceedings related to the right of investigation, squeeze-out procedures or even an activist shareholders' campaign.

We closely follow the ongoing legal and doctrinal development of extra-financial factors in relation to corporate law and trends in corporate climate and environmental litigation, which enables us to provide you with tailored advice on ESG corporate dispute resolution. With our expertise in corporate law and dispute resolution, our ESG focus group is therefore ready to assist you with any dispute that involves the company itself, the shareholders or the directors, and that is related to environmental or social aspects.