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Sustainable work and benefits, health & safety

Well-being at work includes all the factors relating to the working conditions in which it is carried out, such as safety at work, the health of the worker, the psychosocial load caused by the work, ergonomy, hygiene at work and embellishment of workplaces. These elements are guaranteed by employment law in Belgium, and need to be applied faithfully.

The worker health and safety is a cornerstone of sustainability and should be the object of a strong commitment of the employer to health & safety, helping reducing injuries, illness and fatalities. Besides that, health and safety is a foundation for sustainable growth: a committed, happy workforce and safe, healthy workspaces are necessary elements in becoming a sustainable and productive company.

In this line, our employment law department assists you with the variety of complex topics that relate to ESG, such as equal pay, diversity and inclusion, honest labour contracts & benefits and fair salary packages. With a pro-active approach, we believe to be able to avoid many employment problems  through swift action in the early stages. Therefore, the ESG focus group always reacts quickly and hands-on, with a pragmatic solution while maintaining the high-quality advice our clients expect to handle ESG issues appropriately.