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Professional Profile and Bio

I am an EU regulatory law specialist. With over 20 years' experience, I focus on the circular economy and sustainability, with particular experience in in EU product law, including general chemicals, biocides and pesticides, eco-design, electronic and electrical equipment, cosmetics, medical devices and medical products law.

I assist clients on EU-wide advocacy campaigns to avoid adverse regulation, failing which litigation before the Courts of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. I pay meticulous attention to ensuring that written pleadings compel and support that with the skill of a trained Scots advocate in court.

In environmental law, I led on the most recent success before both the General Court and Court of Justice in Luxembourg regarding the unlawful classification of a chemical. As junior advocate at the Scots bar, I assisted on the two 'Brexit' cases in the UK (Gina Miller and Andy Wightman et al). I have spoken widely on Brexit at conferences in Scotland within and outwith the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland. I have also twice given testimony to committees in the Scottish Parliament on that issue.

I am a non practising member of the Faculty of Advocates.

I speak English (native), French and German.

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