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The impact of UK and EU regulatory reforms on MSPs

A swathe of forthcoming regulatory changes – in the form of DORA, NIS 2 and updates to the UK NIS Regulations – will soon have significant impacts on organisations that provide managed services.

MSPs that provide managed IT services from or into the UK and/or EU are likely to be impacted by some or all of these new regulations. The regulations may apply to MSPs directly or indirectly (by virtue of their customers being regulated and seeking to flow down strict new minimum requirements).  MSPs that take a holistic and proactive approach to the reforms will be able to uplift their compliance programmes more efficiently and secure more favourable terms with their customers and suppliers. 

The paper available at the link below explains how MSPs will be impacted, suggests some steps they should be taking now to ensure they are prepared, and compares some of the overlapping requirements that will be particularly relevant to MSPs.