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Digital Regulation Podcasts - Episode 6: Social Media Regulation - known knowns and known unknowns



United Kingdom, United States

In this episode, my guest Emily Parris and I will discuss the current state of play of the EU and UK social media regulation efforts, who should comply and what needs to be done to prepare for the incoming changes.

Recent surveys indicate that 3.8 billion people use social media around the world! Just under 80% of Americans are posting not only about their milestones, new products and food pictures but also voicing their day to day opinions as well political or religious views online. However, despite this overwhelming use of social media for both our work and personal lives, the subject of social media regulation remains controversial.

In the US, most encourage freedom of speech and fear censorship whilst in Europe, the key concerns are centered around protection from harmful content and hate speech. Whilst this philosophical dilemma remains a key positioning challenge for global social media players, these platforms also have to wrestle with the very pragmatic issue of how to – operationally - review and moderate the tsunami of content posted every day.

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