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Digital Regulation Podcasts - Episode 1: The European Digital Agenda



United Kingdom, United States

Can you afford not to know about the EU’s Digital Agenda and its impact on technology development around the world?

For sci-fi fans and tech geeks like myself the last few years have been very exciting – and not only because of the arrival of Altered Carbon on Netflix!

A lot of (non-contentious) tech lawyers have been over the past 15 years acting as industry experts, business advisors and deal negotiators on huge outsourcings, software licensing, Cloud agreements but have not always needed to advise on black letter law because there was not much of it!

Aside from some e-commerce regulation and a bit of data privacy in the EU, we had – until recently - not seen significant regulatory changes despite rapid changes in technology, artificial intelligence, business models that we use both for work and our private lives. Over the past 15 years our businesses, education, relationships, sport and even our fridge temperatures have shifted to online models which are growing year on year.

In response to this shift and in order to foster a Single Digital Market, the EU has devised its Digital Strategy from which numerous new EU digital legislation (think GDPR, EU Copyright Directive, P2B Regulation etc.) have originated.

Please join us for this first episode of Fieldfisher Tech and Digital to hear more about the European Digital Agenda and its impact on global businesses.

Episode List:
Episode 1: The European Digital Agenda
Episode 2: Platform to Business Regulation
Episode 3: EU Copyright Directive
Episode 4: Security beyond Privacy in Europe
Episode 5: Shining a light on the Dark Web
Episode 6: Social Media Regulation - known knowns and known unknowns
Episode 7: Misinformation, Disinformation and Fake News
Episode 8: Is the EC’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence a game changer?
Episode 9: Artificial Intelligence: The Pandora’s box of privacy?
Episode 10: Digital Services Act - your time to speak up about the liability of digital platforms

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