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Digital Regulation Podcasts - Episode 10: Digital Services Act



United Kingdom, United States

The ECommerce Directive has been - in big part responsible - for shaping the internet over the past 20 years, but now that the internet has grown more sophisticated and that new business models have emerged - what will shape the next 20 years?

You may think that we've done pretty well so far, so why change anything now? Well part of the reason is that current legislation is simply outdated and does not adequately reflect the reality of today's internet such as new business models and their liability regime re online harms, fakes etc. Different member states have started addressing these gaps independently which means that we now have different rules across the EU - which is the opposite of what we need if we want to establish a Digital Single Market. Finally, we also currently lack public oversight, such as a regulator, which is necessary when trying to regulate such markets.

In response to these challenges, the European Commission has launched a consultation on the new Digital Services Act that will upgrade liability and safety rules for online platforms. This is therefore your time to speak up if you want to impact how this legislation will shape up.

To learn more about the impact of the DSA and how you can influence it, listen to our latest podcast on the topic.

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