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Digital Regulation Podcasts - Episode 8: Is the EC’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence a game changer?



United Kingdom, United States

Is  your business developing AI? Are you intending to commercialise these solutions in Europe?

If that is a "Yes" on both counts then please tune in to this episode of Fieldfisher Tech and Digital in which we will tell you how to develop your AI with compliance in mind. We will discuss the European Union’s vision for Artificial Intelligence and review the policy and regulatory objectives of the European Commission's White Paper on Artificial Intelligence. We will also consider how these new requirements (once they become law) may affect the industry at a global level.

Episode List:
Episode 1: The European Digital Agenda
Episode 2: Platform to Business Regulation
Episode 3: EU Copyright Directive
Episode 4: Security beyond Privacy in Europe
Episode 5: Shining a light on the Dark Web
Episode 6: Social Media Regulation - known knowns and known unknowns
Episode 7: Misinformation, Disinformation and Fake News
Episode 8: Is the EC’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence a game changer?
Episode 9: Artificial Intelligence: The Pandora’s box of privacy?
Episode 10: Digital Services Act - your time to speak up about the liability of digital platforms

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