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Litigation Funding - FeeSolve

FeeSolve is an innovative risk management and funding package for commercial claims, offering a wide portfolio of insurance policies, fee arrangements and funding products. Unlike other funding options, Fieldfisher's solution includes damages based agreements (DBAs), giving clients certainty around legal costs and flexibility whilst avoiding the need to involve third party litigation funders.

About our funding eligibility platform

Funding has evolved from a means of last resort to a strategic tool that allows businesses to preserve their balance sheet and legal budgets, while reducing their exposure to risk.

We offer a unique platform to assess the eligibility of commercial claims for litigation funding.

The platform provides an instant preliminary determination based on a summary of the claim particulars, and was launched in response to reports that litigants were experiencing untenable delays when applying to third party funders for funding decisions.

The platform also allows litigants to conveniently upload any additional information required to make a final funding decision. 

Fieldfisher's claim specialists will then efficiently process funding applications and consult with the client on next steps.

How it works

FeeSolve is a portfolio of funding products, insurance policies and fee arrangements curated by Fieldfisher to suit our clients' individual needs.

The FeeSolve portfolio includes:

  • Damages Based Agreements (DBA)
  • Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA)
  • Third Party Funding (TPF)
  • Insurance for Before and After the Event (BTE/ATE)
As well as providing a way for litigants without big legal budgets to fund disputes, litigation funding and insurance can be be used to support other objectives, such as:

  • Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA)
  • Third Party Funding (TPF)
  • Insurance for Before and After the Event (BTE/ATE)

Read more about the various funding products, insurance policies and fee arrangements.

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