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Press Release

Fieldfisher launches funding eligibility platform

Today, leading European law firm, Fieldfisher launches a unique platform which can assess commercial claims instantly to see if litigants are likely to be eligible for litigation funding.

The platform was built by a Fieldfisher team led by Partner Tony Lewis and Director Matthew Sharp.
The platform is the latest development for the firm's self-funded innovative risk management and funding solution, FeeSolve . Many businesses do not have a budget line for litigation and many want to avoid the cost. FeeSolve allows litigants to take the costs off their bottom line and reduce risk. Further, when compared to traditional third party funding, FeeSolve is more cost effective and, Fieldfisher is able to offer funding for cases that would ordinarily be considered too low value for traditional third party funding.
Commenting on the platform, Tony says: "One of the biggest issues for litigants with traditional third party funders is the time delay in putting forward a case to see if its eligible for funding and waiting weeks, sometimes months, as they analyse the risk: benefit to themselves. With our new platform, we can give an immediate indication of eligibility.
"In addition to this immediate feedback, the platform allows litigants to conveniently upload any further information that is needed to make a final funding decision, allowing Fieldfisher to efficiently progress funding applications.
He adds: " There has been a significant shift in the recent years towards the use of litigation funding. The stigma of this being a tool of last resort has now evolved to a strategic financing product that allows businesses to improve their balance sheet whilst reducing risk. Over recent years, FeeSolve has gone from strength to strength and in light of the increasing requirements for alternative litigation funding solutions we now offer an immediate response platform for clients."

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