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Risk Advisory and Compliance

Fieldfisher has received awards for many years as a TOP law firm for compliance. Our Risk Advisory & Compliance team has particular expertise in assisting national and multinational companies with compliance issues. Whether you already know us from previous projects or are yet to get to know us, we look forward to helping you secure your success.

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Advantages of Consulting

Increased regulation and monitoring, often accompanied by high fines, can massively endanger the economic success of companies as well as the personal livelihoods of their board members:

  • There are directors' and officers' liability risks (e.g. pursuant to Section 93 (2) Sentence 1 AktG, Section 116 Sentence 1 AktG and Section 43 GmbHG).
  • Section 130 (1) OWiG regulates personal fines imposed on executives for failure to take supervisory measures.
  • Section 30 (1) OWiG provides for an obligation to the company to pay a fine if a manager has committed a criminal offence or an administrative offence.
  • The upcoming Corporate Criminal Liability Act will extend criminal liability to companies.
  • Further obligations to pay fines exist according to various special legal regulations, which in individual cases can even destroy a company's existence.

It is possible to counter these sanctions through effective Risk & Compliance management.

The investment in consulting costs is therefore worthwhile in order to prevent or at least significantly mitigate the negative consequences of non-compliance.

However, you cannot buy effective compliance management. It is always the result of a process that every company has to go through individually. In this process, our Risk Advisory & Compliance Team accompanies you and ensures that the right course is set as legally required.

Risk Advisory & Compliance consulting is a cost factor, but offers considerable advantages:

  1. Exposure of risks and reduction of risk potential
  2. Possible liability release of the Executive Bodies and the company through measures that serve to ensure a legally compliant conduct and risk minimization
  3. Ensuring economic efficiency by avoiding considerable economic damage in the event of infringements
  4. Process optimization and increases in efficiency
  5. Cost optimization through determination of savings potentials
  6. Improvement of competitive positioning
  7. Reputation strengthening through positive corporate communication and avoidance of negative headlines
It is worth it not to wait for a "compliance accident“.

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Our free of charge Risk Advisory & Compliance hotline is accessible 24/7. We will treat your request confidentially and will immediately care about.

Feel free to use our hotline in emergency cases such as a dawn-raids, for sparring purposes or just for contacting us. We are at your service.  

     +49 160 96 55 15 44


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