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Issuer, Trustee and Servicer

Our issuer, trustee and servicer team members have helped clients overcome their business challenges for the last 20 years.

We have met the tightest turnaround deadlines, guided them through regulatory change, defended them and their staff against claims and supported them when there are tough decisions to be made.

Underpinning all we do is a deep understanding of our client's commercial concerns and objectives and what they require from their external counsel.

Examples of our work include advising on the following matters:

Issuer & Corporate Service Providers

  • a GBP and USD LIBOR remediation project in respect of 40+ "tough legacy" public securitisations. Fieldfisher Capital provided analysis on the impact of benchmark transitions on transaction cash flows.
  • ongoing issues and restructurings relating to a GBPmultibillion structured finance programme following the insolvency of the originator and collateral administrator.
  • a series of 40+ issues and disputes instigated by a market participant who sought to take control of the SPV issuers and their underlying assets.

Corporate Trust & Agency

  • the trustee, cash manager, account bank, paying agent, registrar and note calculation agent on a GBP2bn privately placed bespoke repo-backed securitisation.
  • the collateral agent on a USD300m financing of a petroleum assets acquisition.
  • an escrow agent on potentially contentious sanctions issues.
  • the trustee and agents on a comprehensive USD1.5bn refinancing of a luxury car manufacturer.
  • the security agent on a series of CRE loans both on origination but also on post-closing amendments, defaults and enforcement.


  • the replacement of GBP LIBOR as the benchmark for residential mortgages, including liaising with the FCA re. mortgage prisoners.
  • the legal title holder on the new FCA Consumer Duty Regulations across its whole portfolio of regulated mortgage loans underlying 13 public and private securitisations and funding lines.
  • the servicer on a redemption of a securitisation including the associated loan sale auction process and the unwind and replacement of the servicing arrangements.

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