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Data & Privacy Matters: EP4 Legal Updates - April 2024


United Kingdom

The world of data and privacy shows no signs of slowing down as this fourth episode of Fieldfisher's Data & Privacy Matters podcast demonstrates. 


Lorna Cropper, Hannah Wallett and Chloe Abbott look at the key data and privacy news from April 2024. The podcast starts with a review of the EDPB's opinion on "consent or pay" which advocates for a third alternative to this binary choice by way of consent to contextual and not targeted advertising. Attention is then focus on the EDPB's strategy for 2024-2027.

A round up of the ICO's work follows featuring the regulator's latest consultation on AI which this time focuses on the accuracy of generative AI models; their guidance on health data transparency; its membership to the Global Cooperation Arrangement for Privacy Enforcement (Global CAPE); and its priorities to protect children's privacy online.

Besides the ICO's consultation on GenAI, the AI world continues to provide much content and discussion. As we await the Council's approval of the EU AI Act to enable it to enter the Official Journal, we consider the CNIL's recommendations on the development of AI systems. An acknowledgement of noyb's complaint about gen AI is also mentioned.

The podcast concludes with a look at the enforcement action making the headlines, in particular, the fine of Hellenic Post Services for €2.9 million.

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