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The Next Stage of the PIAB Reform



From 04 September 2023, the next stage of the Personal Injuries Resolution Board Act 2022 (2022 Act) will take effect.

Applicants will now be required to:

1. Provide a Personal Public Service Number or alternative identification, when making an application to PIAB;
2. To actually sign their PIAB application form, even where they are legally represented.
3. To give a more detailed description of the incident or accident together with a medical report.

A PIAB application will be considered as "incomplete" if it does not include all of these elements. Until such time as the application is considered by PIAB to be complete, the Statute of Limitations will continue to run.  

While these changes, on their face, appear straightforward and uncontroversial, it remains to be seen how PIAB will deal with situations where a claim is submitted, without some of the above elements as the expiry date of the statutory of limitation looms.

Written by Leanne Kiernan. 

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