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Commercial Podcast Series – Episode 2: How to prepare your business for franchising


United Kingdom

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the franchise model will have an important role to play in the economic recovery, helping individuals take their first steps into business ownership, presenting opportunities to established operators to grow their portfolios and enabling brand owners to expand and regain and/or grow market share.

Now is therefore a good time to explore the key legal considerations for any business which is preparing to franchise. This podcast is a conversation between Fieldfisher partners and co-heads of the Franchising & Commercial team, David Bond and Gordon Drakes.

Listen to the Podcast:

The conversation covers the following ground:

  • Why use a franchise model?
  • What other options are there?
  • Once a business has decided on the franchise route, what are the first things it should consider?
  • What legal documents are typically used within a franchise, and what is their purpose?
  • What are the key terms of a franchise agreement?
  • What are the main risks for a would-be franchisor?
  • How can a business ensure the franchise is a success?

You can read more on this topic by visiting our Franchising page.

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