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My expertise includes co-ordination in cross-border disputes, planning and execution of strategies for both enforcement campaigns and the defense against such attacks. Therefore, I am familiar with the general legal framework and other aspects relevant for patent litigation in more than a dozen countries. In addition, I have acted both as party's counsel and as an arbitrator in several patent and license related arbitrations.

Another focus is on litigating standard essential patents. I have advised and represented both plaintiffs and defendants in more than 50 such cases. I'm intimately familiar with the various particular issues of patent, procedural, and competition laws in such disputes, especially the possible FRAND defense in such cases.

Before joining Fieldfisher's Düsseldorf office as a partner, I worked in various firms of different sizes and international ranges. I am a member in the intellectual property associations GRUR, VPP and LES. I have published on various aspects of patent and licensing law and I am a frequent speaker on such topics both in Germany and abroad. Currently I'm acting as a co-leader of the Sedona Working Group on SEP/FRAND (Global Edition) and as a speaker on a German seminar on R&D agreements.

Together with John Linneker, I am leading the firm's Intellectual Property Department.

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