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I have conducted judicial proceedings and arbitration proceedings both international and domestic of different kinds and before different Courts (ICC, IATA, CIMA, Corte de Arbitraje de Madrid, ad hoc arbitrations), mainly actions in contractual and extracontractual matters, corporate Law, R&W claims and other issues arising from M&A transactions, unfair competition, claims and declarative actions of the domain, actions in matters construction or building, actions regarding distribution and agency contracts and proceedings in bankruptcy proceedings.

I have served as a trial solicitor in the international firms Clifford Chance and CMS-Albiñana & Suarez de Lezo, as well as in the Danish company, Vestas Mediterranean A/S. 

Along with the Degree in Law, I studied a Master’s Degree in European Community Law at the Renée Descartes University of Paris (PARIS V) (D.E.S.S. Diplôme d’Études Supérieures Spcialisées en Droit Communitaire des Affaires), I completed two years of the Degree of Economics at the National University of Education at Distance and studied financial mathematics at the Center for Financial Studies (CEF) in Madrid, before preparing for the competitive public examination to act as Public State Lawyer. 

My most recent work includes:

  • Judicial claim derived from breach of international maritime transportation agreement of 6 ships related to a turnkey engineering project
  • ICC Arbitration Proceedings related to a controversy on price adjustment in a transnational M&A transaction of a Spanish subsidiary
  • Guilty Qualification Section within bankruptcy judicial proceedings in relation to liability of directors for payment of the bankruptcy deficit
  • Judicial controversy consolidating different liability actions filed against company director
  • Contractual claim derived from agreements for construction of two wind farms

Languages spoken: Spanish, English and French.

I like mountains (trekking and uphill skiing), tennis and cycling.



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