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International Employment Bulletin #4


Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom

Read the 'International Employment Bulletin #4' from Fieldfisher covering legal employment issues

Welcome to the June 2011 edition of our International Employment law Bulletin. In this edition, the third and last part of the story on the modified EU social security rules for mobile workers, the calculation of benefits under pension schemes for same-sex partnerships (EU/DE/UK), the valuation of iPads and smartphones (Belgium) as benefits in kind, the impact of termination by mutual consent (France) on the type of collective dismissal procedure appliable and the simplification of protection of the employee privacy (Italy).

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In this edition:

European Union: Social security : new guidelines (part III)

Further to coordination Regulation 883/2004, new rules apply for determining the social security applicable to mobile workers within the EU. Read More

EU & Germany, UK : ECJ prohibits Tax-Discrimination in Same-Sex Partnership

The Court ruled that individuals who are living in registered life partnerships must enjoy the same tax status as married partners in the calculation of the pension scheme benefits. Read More


Belgium: The benefit in kind of iPads and iPhones

The National Office for Social Security accepts the lump sum valuation of the benefit in kind of an iPad at 180 EUR and an iPhone at 150 EUR per year. Read More

France: Mutual consent terminations and collective economic dismissal procedure

Terminations of employment contracts through the "mutual consent termination" procedure must be accounted for when determining the type of collective economic dismissal procedure to be implemented. Read More

Italy: Privacy and employees’ data: some simplifications

Now Italian companies can avoid some paperwork and save time. Read More

UK: Employment and Pensions News

We recently published the Spring/Summer edition of People covering the Coalition Government's changes to employment law over the last year, flexible parental leave, redundancy & maternity, disciplinary hearings, public sector pension reforms and employee ownership. Read More

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