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Webinar: Generative AI – Privacy Risks & Challenges



United States

You can now watch 'Generative AI: Privacy Risks & Challenges (what we know now but didn't in November 2022)' on demand.

In this webinar, a Fieldfisher panel discusses what we have learned since Gen.AI hit the scene in November 2022, what we do now to combat the privacy risks and challenges, the key issues under the GDPR, and practical recommendations for organisations using, integrating or offering Generative AI within their business or as part of their services.

This is the second in a series of interactive webinars from our International Data and Privacy Team which examines the most impactful issues for organisations with respect to AI and the interplay between the AI Act and the GDPR, and follows 'Debunking the EU AI Act: an overview of the new legal framework'.

Your speakers and key contacts for this session are Mark WebberRichard LawneAndrea Ortega Villalobos, and Pardeep Kaur Dhanoya.

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Data and Privacy