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I am the US Managing Partner responsible for overseeing the operations of Fieldfisher in the United States.  I am an English lawyer located full time in Silicon Valley.  When businesses capitalize on technology, intellectual property, and data to drive revenue, they encounter the very issues in which I excel. With a wealth of experience working alongside the world's leading tech companies, I consistently find innovative solutions to complex legal challenges.
My primary role as a lawyer is to facilitate the process of international expansion, compliance, and sales.  As a leader at Fieldfisher I have been instrumental in establishing, nurturing, and expanding Fieldfisher's presence, operations and services in the United States.
Whether it's a high-growth or a well-established enterprise, the decision to internationalize or scale globally inevitably requires the senior management team to navigate unfamiliar legal landscapes. Over the course of my 26-year career in tech, I have worked closely with such individuals, providing valued guidance in investment, sales, licensing, and exploring privacy, online, and compliance activities in the UK and EU. Currently, a significant portion of my work involves the responsible development, training, and scaling of AI models and integrated AI-based solutions.
I am a board advisor to an enterprise risk start-up
I am registered with the California Bar as a Foreign Legal Consultant.

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