Video: Keeping clients safe with virtual rehabilitation | Fieldfisher
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Video: Keeping clients safe with virtual rehabilitation

Hear how Jill Greenfield and case manager Erika Turner and their teams are supporting clients at home using Virtual Rehab.

Jill Greenfield, partner and head of the serious injury team at law firm Fieldfisher, works with clients who have suffered life-changing injuries, including brain damage and amputation.

“Trying to cope in this new world is incredibly difficult for all of us, but especially for people who are so vulnerable and rely on help so much.”

Jill has acted fast to secure financial support from insurers as well as getting the right care for her clients in the “extraordinary” circumstances.

One of Jill's clients was about to be discharged from hospital.

“It was clear the hospital quite understandably needed to clear their beds. She was not able to go home, she needed two-to-one support. She lived on her own so I was able to put her in a specific rehab unit that was able to take her. So I worked with the insurers to make that happen. Normally they would have spent more time in hospital.

“Now there was a pressure to move her, which we were able to organise – which was great actually. It helped her and it helped the hospital and I was pleased about that.”

While some clients had been “panicked” by the pandemic, the more stoical just wanted to “get on with it”, Jill said. “They have faced catastrophe before so they are quite sanguine about it."